Monday, March 30, 2009

Weaver - Stage 1

approx. 8 x 10
Prismacolor on Bristol Vellum

This is a drawing of my friend's dog, Weaver. This isn't finished because it needs a few more layers of color, and the ground needs to be finished so that you can see his feet. This is not really what I would consider the first stage, but it's the first stage that I will post. The first stage would be a really light layer of color to establish the base color map (I call it) and fur direction.
I've read where and I've seen how black dulls color, but there are times when black is appropriate. Complementary or analagous colors are often used by artists to create shading and shadows.


  1. Hi Jeanette. You have a wonderful start here. It's looking great. I use black sparingly mixed in with other colors. Yes, if used by itself it would look lifeless and flat. When I'm layering an area that is going to require black, black is the first and second to last layer put down. The very last layer is burnished using the darkest color other than black in my color pallette.
    Once again...great work. I'll be watching this one.

  2. I really like the way you are developing the colours on Weaver's head. I use complementary or analagous colours to create my shadows and my darks. I will also use black if absolutely necessary, but only as part of a cp sandwich...other colour layers below and above.

    I look forward to seeing his feet! :-)


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