Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a Minute

Just A Minute
11 x 14
CP on Board

This is what I am working on at the moment. I just started it today. I am experimenting once again with different supports (surfaces). This is an ongoing, slow, process. I have been busy with other things lately, so this is the first actual sit-down-take-a-bit drawing I've started in a while. All I've had time for has been a few "skudies"--my new word for projects that fall somewhere in between a sketch and a study. It's either that or "stetches."

I've worked on pastel board before. The first time was in a Nicole Caulfield kit that I purchased. Since it was from a kit, I'll ask her permission before posting my results here. When working on the kit, I kept thinking, "This stuff would be great for portraits!" I've had this particular piece laying around for some time with this particular portrait in mind; finally, I got to take the plastic wrap off and get started. One of the biggest challenges for me when using a colored surface is getting the final drawing transferred to the surface. I never draw directly on the surface when creating the preliminary drawing, so that it won't suffer the brunt of my many mistakes (smile).
So far, this is my favorite surface/support for colored pencil because it allows so many layers and holds up to my heavy-handed drawing style.


  1. I really like Pastelbord too. This is a wonderful pose to capture! I look forward to seeing it progress.

  2. Thanks, Teresa! I'm a bit busy at the moment so updates may be sparse ;-)

  3. Thank you, Anita! I hope to be able to finish it in about 3 or four weeks from now. I haven't had a spare minute to work on it since I posted the updated (second) image; which was around the first week of August, I think! Hopefully, the entire piece will work out as planned!


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