Saturday, January 31, 2009

Illustration Friday: Climb

This is what I was working on for last week's Illustration Friday (and it's still not finished). I didn't get it posted last week because we had a major ice/snow storm that knocked out the electricity for four days.

Two small pine trees fell on my daughter's new car, and the top of a medium-sized pine sheared off under the weight of the ice and fell on the cab of my husband's truck.

My daughter's car came through it okay. The branches of both trees held the trunks up and her car was coated with a layer of ice and snow before the trees fell, which kept the branches from doing too much damage, if any.

My husband's truck has a dent in the cab, but it's still driveable.


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  2. Like your illustration deal! Undertand from the news it is really bad in Kentucky. Glad you have your power back on!


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